Speaker Series

Due to COVID-19, we have canceled Dr. Schultz's planned workshop for April 2020. Dr. Schultz is excited to come to DVFriends to work with our faculty and families, and we will reschedule his visit as early as possible in 2020-21. Please stay tuned for details about this and other presenters in our speaker series.
Dr. Jerome Schultz
Kids with Learning Challenges: The Journey from Stress to Success
Learn why students who have a poor understanding of the conditions that impact learning are under chronic stress, and why this impairs learning. Liberally laced with stress-reducing cartoons and stories that entertain as well as educate, this presentation will provide an overview of the brain systems involved in the stress response, and offer many practical strategies that can stop this self-defeating cycle in its tracks. Dr. Jerome Schultz, a former special education teacher-turned-neuropsychologist, now on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, will talk about the phenomenon of “Saving F.A.S.E.” and present the DE-STRESS Model of Intervention introduced in his book: Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD and LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It.
For inquiries and additional information, contact Lisa Howell, Director of Marketing & Communications at lisa.howell@dvfs.org or call 610.640.4150 x 3110.