Ski Touring

ABLE-Ski Touring
No prior experience is necessary. Students will learn the basic skills of traditional cross-country skiing. Not to be confused with downhill skiing, there are no ski lifts and no man-made snow. The first few days will be spent at the ski centers of Osceola NY, located in the Tug Hill region of upstate New York. This area is known for lake-effect snow as they average 300 inches of snow per year. Lodging will be provided on-site at the ski center, allowing the group to ski right outside of the accommodations. When not skiing, students are responsible for preparing all the meals and keeping their community living areas clean. Ski gear will be rented from the ski center for all the students. Appropriate ski clothing can be borrowed from the DVFriends ABLE lockers. There is no need to buy anything extra for this course.

DATES:  February 16 - 21, 2023 
COST: None