Bike Touring

Bike Touring -- C&O Canal
The ABLE Bike Touring course is a classic DV Friends experience. You will start by choosing a bike from the ABLE fleet of bikes. A few practice rides will help to get our leg muscles tuned up and our butts ready for sitting on a bike seat all day. Ready for the challenge, the group is dropped off in Cumberland, Maryland where they start a 180 mile, six-day ride to Washington, DC. Riding on the Chesapeake & Ohio (C & O) tow-path, following the Potomac River, the group visits small towns and camps at established campsite along the way. Traveling from West to East, the trail goes downhill, but it is still a challenging pedal. Over the years, not every DV group has made it all the way to DC. All you need is to be able to ride a bike and the desire to do it.

DATES: October 1 - 6, 2020
COST:  None