Summer Programs


One-on-One Orton-Gillingham Language Arts/Reading Instruction
Once again, DVFriends will offer our multisensory reading instruction this summer. This program pairs each student with one of our tutors for a truly individualized experience.  This year, especially, with periods of remote learning and limited face-to-face direct instruction, it's more important than ever to close the gaps and continue remediating students' challenges with reading and writing skills.
Our expert teachers, trained through our IMSLEC accredited teacher training program, will schedule online sessions that work for each family, bringing high-quality, live, direct instruction into your home. Whether the goal is making progress in decoding or polishing writing skills, DV Summer instructors are available to help. 
The current plan is to offer these sessions remotely using the Zoom platform. Pending the status of the Covid-19 pandemic, it may be possible to offer on-campus instruction if families prefer that option. We will update this information as we get more clarity on what the summer months will bring.
Program Highlights:
DATES: July 1 - 31, 2021
TIMES: Flexible Scheduling: 20 1-hour Zoom sessions
GRADES: Rising 2nd - 10th grades
COST: $1,750
  • Families will schedule their Zoom sessions directly with their instructor.
  • Lessons will be customized for each student based on their learning needs, skills, and goals.
  • Lessons will include decoding, spelling, vocabulary, morphology, writing, reading, fluency, and reading comprehension skills as appropriate for each student.
  • Students coming from outside of the current DV community do not have to have a diagnosed learning difference to participate.
Questions? Please contact Kavitha Patel in the admissions office at or 610-640-4150 x 2120.

Stay tuned for information on possible additional summer programs focusing on Math instruction.
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One-on-One Orton-Gillingham Language Arts/Reading summer program flyer.