Service Learning

DV students pack non-perishable foods in boxes
Serving others is a central tenet to Quaker philosophy and a key component of a DVFriends education. Our service-learning program provides opportunities for students to reach out – both within our own community and particularly beyond our walls – to help others in need. 
Upper school students are required to complete 40 hours of service by 12th grade as a graduation requirement. The ninth-grade participates in grade-wide service activities during the school year that counts towards their service hours. Students are then asked to do independent activities to earn their 40 hours.  Any hours the students accumulate beginning in ninth grade, including school-sponsored activities such as service trips can help meet this requirement.  
Students across all divisions participate in service. Some annual examples include a Thanksgiving food drive, toy drive, and shoe drive. In addition, there are many needs that arise where DVFriends students lend a helping hand such as adopting a koala bear after the fires in Australia, hurricane disaster relief, collecting blankets for animal shelters, making plastic mats and collecting blankets for the homeless, and food drives for local food pantries.