College Counseling

At DVFriends, the College Counseling Department is always working to provide students and families with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about their future through comprehensive, individualized guidance. By doing so, students are empowered to investigate their options by identifying schools or programs that meet their academic, social, career, co-curricular, and personal aspirations.
From the start, the College Counselor is the DVFriends student's advocate throughout their college search, providing guidance on college selection, serving as a link to college admissions offices, and supporting each application with a letter of recommendation. The counselor is also here to help minimize the family's anxiety and confusion during this process while assisting students with securing academic accommodations as well as completing the application forms and essays. Students receive extensive support in all aspects of the college application process with emphasis on application completion, interviewing, essay-writing, and academic support self-advocacy.
To provide further support, DVFriends utilizes SCOIR, an online portal that helps students and parents keep track of important dates, college visits, and college search criteria. DVFriends also hosts a significant number of colleges and universities every fall and spring for in-school admissions presentations. College admissions professionals are encouraged to sign up for fall or spring visits via SCOIR.
The college search process can be complex but also extremely rewarding. Taking advantage of the resources offered by the DVFriends College Counseling Department can help students gain direction and focus for success.

Hallie Ciarlone, Director of College Counseling
Hallie Ciarlone, M.Ed., NCC, Director of College Counseling, is an active member of NACAC, PACAC, ACCIS, SOS, and ASCA. She sits on various professional leadership committees within these organizations and presents regularly about college counseling with a focus on helping educate counselors and admissions professionals about the college process for students who learn differently.
Twitter: @DVFScollege