The DV Original Musical, Three Roads Home: A Post-Apocalyptic Family Drama Opened March 13th.

The musical is an example of DVFriends' ability to innovate in response to student's needs and interests and demonstrates the incredible creativity within our community. Students in the middle and upper school are included in every aspect of the performance -- from writing the script and music to the cast, crew, and pit band. All the students involved in the musical rose to the occasion. After the standing ovation, the seniors were recognized with flowers and honored as they symbolically walked through the stage door to a new stage of their life. Priya was the only senior in the history of the school to be involved in the original performance 5 years ago and every one since.
The first Original Musical in 2016, Resonance, was written by then senior Helena Nocentino. It was Helena's desire to write and produce an original musical that was the catalyst for this program that has now become a DVFriends tradition. Since Resonance, DVFriends students and faculty advisors have produced 4 more original shows: Rough Sketch in 2017, Romeo & Juliet Remix in 2018, Between You & Me in 2019, and the latest, Three Roads Home in 2020.
Three Roads Home was videotaped and is available to view on YouTube. Enjoy!