The DV SeaPerch Wins Four 1st Place Trophies

The DV SeaPerch Dragon Dynamix Engineers, a dedicated team of eight DV students and their teacher Megan, competed against 23 other High Schools at the 2020 Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge on Saturday, March 7, 2020.  It is a Department of the Navy (DoN) sponsored underwater robotic and marine engineering competition where students build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). 

DV earned four FIRST PLACE trophies:

*First Place Technical Design Report

*First Place Vehicle Performance

*Overall SeaPerch Champions

*The SeaPerch Ninja Warrior

Along with these incredible awards, this team of hard-working, innovative students qualified for the International SeaPerch competition to be held in Maryland at the end of May. 

The DV community cheered on the success of the team at morning gathering and celebrated the victory with some Rita’s Water Ice on the school lawn. Action News sent a camera crew to join our celebration and aired the spot that evening.  

DVFriends teams have a successful history at the SeaPerch competition. Teams from the school have been competing since 2013. Dragon Dynamix has won the overall competition twice before in 2019 and 2016.