DV Alumna Received Harrison Sylvester Award

DV Alumna Toby Tomlinson Baker received the Harrison Sylvester Award, a national award for research of learning disabilities by someone with an LD. She received the award at the recent Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) conference where she shared her research on English language learners and assessments. Toby also did a podcast for LDA highlighting her experience as a post-secondary student with disabilities and presented her research and experience at the luncheon as well. "I've been sharing my story often - including Delaware Valley Friends School - at conferences, online programs for parents and now at schools!" Toby said.

Toby is a special education teacher, researcher, and doctoral scholar at Pepperdine University in California. Aside from her Pepperdine work, The Los Angeles Unified School District has hired her as a "Trainer of Teachers" (TOT) specifically to train General Ed. teachers in Special Ed. Law, which is her expertise and dissertation area. "I thoroughly enjoy training teachers!" Toby said. "I speak of my DV days often as the teachers there impacted my growth as a person, teacher, and researcher."