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Demystifying Orton-Gillingham Instruction
Learn the key components of Orton-Gillingham (OG) reading instruction and the differences among the various OG programs which are available to schools, tutors, and special programs.

Learn about the OG counterpart in the math, Multisensory Math developed by Marilyn Zecher. Multisensory Math is an approach that focuses on numeracy and automatic recognition of quantity and quantity relationships. It requires the use of explicit instruction; it uses the concrete, representational, and abstract instructional sequence; it highlights vertical thinking, whereby you review a basic concept or skill, then move to the current curricular point; and it offers repetition and practice to support automaticity rather than frustrating students with flashcards.

Learn how music instruction can benefit students with learning differences, and, in particular, how drumming can help students with language processing and production.

Learn about Mindfulness and how it can benefit children with learning and attention challenges. 

Learn about the revolutionary approach to language instruction called TCI – Teaching with Comprehensible Input – that DVFriends Spanish teachers use to teach every one of their classes – from lower school introductory Spanish to the more advanced high school classes.