ABLE Program 2020-21 - COVID-19

This year’s ABLE Elective Courses will all be day-programs only. All of our overnight trips are on hold for the time being. As soon as we can find a way to bring back some of the bigger trips, we will do so.
For 2020 - 21, all ABLE courses will fulfill both the ABLE graduation requirement and a PE credit. Four of the five elective options all follow the same format of students participating outdoors, in-person, and maintaining social distancing for a series of day-programs. Indoor Rock Climbing is the only course that is not scheduled to take place outdoors, but will be a series of in-person programs with social distancing.
Currently, the five options for 2020-21 are:
ABLE Rails-To-Trails Biking
September 29 through November 6, 2020
It will run in cohort groups on Tuesdays and Fridays.
November 10 through December 17, 2020
This will be a series of day-hikes in the local area, with no overnights. It will run in cohort groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Indoor Rock Climbing
January 5, 2021 through February 11, 2021
It will also be run in cohort groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is the one that will take place indoors.
Know The Ropes
March, 2021
This is our traditional ropes course program. It will take place following a similar schedule to the previous courses being offered this year.
Outdoor Rock Climbing
April - May 2021
ABLE COVID 19 Mitigation Plan
These courses have all been chosen with COVID 19 in mind. Mitigation is the name of the game and being outdoors gives us a big advantage. Courses will be run in cohorts or batch groups and will be scheduled for days when their batch is learning remotely, meaning when students are in the building they will not miss in-person teaching time. Being outdoors and more than six feet apart, for example when we are biking, allows us to have our face-covering off. The equipment, i.e. bikes or climbing gear, will be disinfected after each use. For transportation, we are asking as many students as possible to meet us at the activity location site. Students who drive themselves to school, should drive directly to the activity site. Parents who drive their students to school, should drive them directly to the activity site whenever possible. Students who need to meet at DVFriends are welcome to do so. We have at least one van with vinyl shields between each row and we can use a second van if needed to keep students spread out while in the van.
To register for one of the 2020-21 ABLE courses, please complete the form on our website:
Please contact Ken Sinapius, ABLE Program Director, with any questions.